4 Easy Ways to Keep Your Car in Shape

A car is a series of machines that require proper maintenance to function. That’s why it’s so important to have it regularly checked by an auto mechanic. However that means racking up on expenses and spending even more valuable time waiting in an auto repair shop. You can make your car run smoother and last longer for fewer costs by doing these car upkeeps yourself.


Changing out the spark plugs is simple too but it requires careful preparation. You must replace the spark plug one at a time. First, remove the wire using a spark plug socket, unscrew the old one and install the replacement. Tighten the spark plug carefully with a wrench before reconnecting the wire and proceeding to the next ones. You may repeat the process based on the number of spark plugs. There can be 4 to 8 spark plugs in total depending on the number of cylinders your car has. New sets can cost from $ to $25.


The estimated effectiveness of air filters is about a year. Cleaning it will not always do the trick in securing your air condition system blows out clean air. You can find it by referring to your car manual or feeling it under the hood of your car. Once you’ve located the filter, open the casing which usually comes in a rectangular box with metal clips. Replace the old filter with new ones of the same exact size. Make sure it faces the same way as the old filter then close the metal clips.


Yes, windshield wipers need replacing too. They get worn out the more you use them and can cause scratches on your car windows. New blades are sold from $10 to $20 without free installments by mechanics. And you don’t need it to. Instructions are usually included in a new set but the steps are simple. Lift the windshield wipers away from the windows and if there’s a tab under it, push the tab to remove the blades. Put the new ones exactly how the old ones were placed and you’re good to go.


Before starting your day and driving away, check the status of your battery. Leftover residue or debris can prevent your motor from running. Clean it every month or whenever you notice build up with a cleaning solution. They are usually sold at auto parts stores and for about $5 to $10. It’s still a cheaper and more convenient alternative to a dead battery.

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