4 Car Diagnostic Apps for Your Phone

After purchasing your very own car professional, the next thing you need is a car diagnostics app for your phone. Here are some of the highest rated apps you can use to check your car’s health and needs. All apps featured in this list are compatible with iOS and Android smartphones.


Carista by Pizmos, LLC monitors your car’s viability and can perform a variety of automated tasks to ensure your safety such as locking the doors if car movement is detected and turning the lights on when the engine is started. It can unlock even more advanced diagnostics on the car’s airbag details, navigation system, and manufacture information. To make it work, you must connect your phone to an OBD reader through Bluetooth or manually enter the necessary data. The app automatically sends notifications, maintenance reminders, and warnings in case of an overheating engine.


OBD Car Doctor Pro by PNN Soft can connect to your car reader via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, an adaptor, or solely with GPS. It reads any sensors data supported by your car and creates a chart based on real-time diagnostics. OBD Car Doctor Pro monitors your fuel consumption and sends warnings when your check engine light is on. If GPS is enabled, it can read the speed of your car and track where you’ve been at any given time.


OBD Car Tracker gathers general information about your car like running speed, engine temperature and so on like the other apps on this list. Most importantly, it can connect your phone directly to your car and function as an alarm system. OBD Car Tracker warns you if you’re going above speed limit, if you hit the brakes too abruptly, and if there is anything wrong with your car. It also keeps track of your mileage to remind you of needed car checkups.


Torque Pro BY Ian Hawkins is equipped with a user-friendly interface that uses color coding for easier reading. You can design your own layout with its customizable dashboard. There are several widgets and plug-ins for the apps. One of the most recommended is the Track recorded which uses GPS and enables you to record your location and trip routes. Torque Pro app sends real-time diagnostics to your phone which includes engine temperature, driving speed, and even CO2 emissions. It requires a Bluetooth connection to an OBD reader.

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